Thursday, June 9, 2011

trust30 project: day three (etc.)

I've been pondering this question all day, and I've had a hard time coming up with an answer.  For the most part, I do share the beliefs of my family and friends.  If anything, I think I have a bit more of a propensity to think the very best of people.  Which isn't always a good thing.  It isn't something I do intentionally, so I'm not sure it counts as a belief, but I'm kind of okay with it even if it doesn't always lead to the best results.  When Bryce sent me three adorable little cards, one of the things that she wrote in them was that she admired my willingness to be vulnerable to other people and to the world in general.  That sentiment kind of took me by surprise, because I'm an extremely private person, but maybe a willingness toward vulnerability comes from refusing to be cynical.  So although I don't consider my friends and family to be cynical, let's go ahead and call that my belief.

...and on a completely unrelated note, I made a mug cozy.  It's to keep my fingers from getting burned when I'm too impatient to wait for my tea to cool before I take it somewhere.

also, I just thought they were really cute and wanted to make one regardless of whether it served any practical purpose.


  1. first of all, I like that you see the very best in people. Jesus does too. Second, I love your cozy and I've been DYING to make one!! you should sell them on etsy (please and thank you <3 )

  2. It seems to me, as a first time reader of your blog, that the sentiments you shared and the whole "being" of tea cozy creating go hand-in-hand as neatly as anything I've seen lately. Unrelated? I think not! Thanks for sharing.

  3. aw, thank you for your lovely words ♥ and thanks for the suggestions! I definitely want to add mug cozies and to-go cup cozies to my shop soon. I miss you and want to have a crafting day with you sometime!!!

  4. thank you so much for your comment! you made such an insightful connection that I didn't even realize existed. :)


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