Monday, June 27, 2011

trust30 project: day 16

I've always been shy, but high school was probably the height of it.  I did some pretty unshy stuff, singing solos in choral concerts and being in school plays-- always with a character to hide behind, though.  But one night, I think I was in tenth or eleventh grade, my brother's band at the time was playing in the school auditorium, and for some reason none of my friends had been able to come that night.  I was sitting by myself, in full flower-child regalia-- a Beatles t-shirt cut up the back and laced with ribbon, a twirly skirt, flowers in my hair-- and they started playing one of my favorite, favorite songs, and I really wanted to dance. I did.  And then a few more people started dancing, and then more.  It's one of my favorite, and most inexplicable, memories from school.

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