Sunday, August 14, 2011


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By the time you all read this, I'll be on my way into the city, yay!  ...That is, if I haven't managed to wreak complete havoc with this ridiculous klutziness that has taken hold of me.  I couldn't hold onto anything yesterday!  I dropped....

  • my mom's camera

  • a half-gallon of milk

  • my laptop

  • several forks

  • my ipod

  • an onion

I'm not generally known for being graceful, but eeeeek!  Hopefully by now I've gotten a grip.

Heh.  Get it?  A grip?  Nyuck nyuck nyuck.


  1. We need to find you a store stuffed to the brim with small glass collectibles. ;)

  2. Sounds good to me, I'm always up for creating some low-level havoc. :p


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