Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I stopped by Anthropologie on my way back from the High Line the other day (which completed my perfect morning).  If you follow my tumblr, remember when I completely flipped over this dress?

Well, the Lepidoptera dress is now mine mine mine.  Yay!  I love how it's a little bit academic, each butterfly is given a figure number, like in a textbook, with its name.  And the crinoline at the hem makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Apparently, I'm in a butterfly phase, because this calender also came home with me.

It's so pretty.


  1. Yay you got your butterfly dress! No more phone calls! :)

  2. Ha, yes! I'm sure it'll be a relief for all involved.

  3. [...] praying wishing hoping that it goes on sale. It has a butterfly print lining.  You guys know how I feel about butterfly prints. 7.  This weekend I am going to get lots of homework done, because I’m really liking this [...]


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