Wednesday, August 17, 2011

nesting ♥

Oh my goodness, this week has been a whirlwind.  I'm back in the city, attending RA training every day and working on RA stuff (bulletin boards, door decorations, inventories) every night.  Can we just talk for a moment about how much I love the people I work with?  What a supportive, fun, sweet group.  And, since I'm back in the city, I'm in my new room!  I moved up two floors in my building, and now I have a tiny bit of a view of the Empire State Building again, yay!  More importantly, I'm getting some more light in my room, especially that gorgeous seven-o-clock-ish, soft, golden-pink light that I love so much.  I finished putting up my decorations tonight, now it really feels like my room.  Please pardon the mess on my desk, I was mid-paperwork but too impatient to put off taking the picture!  (you can click on the photo for a bigger version)



  1. Your room is beautiful and so big! :)

  2. thank you miss bryce! it's a standard-sized traditional room, but with only one set of furniture it feels way bigger. I hope you're having so much fun, lovely! ♥


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