Saturday, August 13, 2011

fill-in-the-blank saturday ♥

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1.   My most favorite birthday was: a bunch of years ago, I don't remember how old I was turning, but I had a birthday party at my house and we made a big web of yarn all around my yard, and each person got an end of the yarn and followed it to a flashlight, and then there was a treasure hunt of some sort (I think peanuts were involved, but I don't remember in what capacity).  It was very fun.

2.  My worst birthday was: when I was sixteen (I think) and, without naming names, some people I was close to at the time were pretty thoughtless.  Moving right along...

3.  My favorite birthday memory is: when my brother was gone all afternoon in Cape May, looking for my birthday present, and he came back and said, "I didn't see anything that was right for you, I'll look again tomorrow."  And the next day he gave me the most beautiful green blown glass bird, which I still have and love.  Zach's always been pretty great with presents, actually, the Ice Dance Princess he gave me for Christmas when I was five or six was one of my all-time favorite toys.

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was: getting to hear my dad sing happy birthday over the phone this year.  I miss him so much.

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was:  I'm not sure.  I'm generally better with Christmas presents than birthday presents.  But I did once send a pretty cool birthday package to a guy I was dating at the time, that was a fun one.

6.  Birthdays are: nice.  I like having an excuse to do all sorts of fun things for someone, even if it's just hiding little presents in their bag or something.

7.  My favorite age so far has been: I don't know.... 20 was decent.  Every age has had its ups and downs.

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