Sunday, May 29, 2011

aw, yay!

Denise, over at A Room To Write, gave me the stylish blogger award!  Thank you, Denise!  From what I gather, after receiving this award we're supposed to post seven random facts about ourselves.  So here are mine!

1. I don't drink coffee.  I don't even like coffee-flavored things.  Since I drink mostly decaf tea, too, and avoid soda, this means that a little bit of caffeine makes me verrrrrrry energetic (by which I mean that my voice goes into excited-chipmunk range and I can knit at lightning speed.)

2. I use the escalators at my school to practice running down stairs like a Disney princess.  I couldn't find any videos or gifs of it, but they all make their various dramatic exits very gracefully down the stairs, so it looks like they're gliding rather than running.  Someday I will perfect it, too.

3. My google reader page currently has 536 unread posts from all the blogs that I read (there are over 100).  I really need to catch up.

4. Certain books stay interesting no matter how many times I read them.  I'm currently re-reading The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.  (Yes, I know that's a kids' book.  I still love it.)

5.  I am really big on routines.  This doesn't mean that I can't be coaxed into doing unexpected things, but I am generally happiest when I've planned out a schedule for my day and have a few days notice if it needs to be changed.

6.  I am so happy to be home.  Even with how weird things are right now, there is nothing more comforting than going back to the place where I grew up.

7.  I'm so thankful for my friends and family who have been so incredibly supportive, helpful, and warm lately.  I don't understand how I got this lucky, but thank you so, so, so much.

And now for passing the award on!  Recipients are supposed to pass the award on to 5 bloggers whose style they admire.  So here's who I chose!

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Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!


  1. Thank you so much!! I LOVE the escalator thing.

  2. This is so sweet! Thank you, Julie!

  3. Yaaaay, you are both so very welcome! ♥


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