Thursday, May 5, 2011

cutest mailday ever

Bryce left me a sweet little note on facebook yesterday to let me know to check my mailbox here at school, and today, something wonderful-delightful-adorable had appeared in it!

so, so, so cute.  And the messages inside the cards were absolutely lovely.  According to Bryce, the three words that describe me best are 'lovely,' 'darling,' and 'wonderstruck.'  I aspire to live up to her opinion of me.

Thank you so much, Bryce!!! I can't help taking the cards out of the envelopes and putting them back in and then beaming at them and I completely adore you.



  1. oh, that is so sweet! I love all your posts recently, shame on me for not checking in for such a long time!

  2. Wasn't that lovely of her? It made my whole week. And thank you so much! Oh, gosh, it's a crazy time of semester, and I can't imagine how much you have going on with your trip coming up. I'm soooo behind on my blog-reading too. The first day of summer, my google reader and I are going to find a nice patch of sunshine and spend the day there.


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