Friday, May 27, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday ♥

via the little things we do

1.   If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go: ...I don't think I'd go anywhere, actually.  I'm glad to be home, and as much as I love the city, it takes a few days to unwind from having been there for so long.  I've been at my grandmother's house since last night because the weather was supposed to be scary (which it sort of was), and now the power is out at my house.  I guess if I could go anywhere it would be to Philly to see my dad.  Hopefully that'll be happening in the next few days.

2.  Something I often rant about is: Do I rant?  Jeez, I hope not.  I probably do occasionally rant about how much I dislike television.

3.  One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is: pink lady apples.  They're just the most delicious thing ever.

4.  My "life-saving" product is: my Miss Dior Cherie perfume.  It's not too strong (because in a dorm, nobody wants to smell the person who was in the elevator before them), but it's feminine and pretty and soft and playful all at once.  It makes me feel a little more put-together no matter what else is going on.  ...And it looks really pretty on my dresser.

5.  A friend is someone who: is honest, but doesn't enjoy your mistakes.  And who doesn't mind when they're finally almost asleep and then you say "By the way...." and then proceed to coerce them into another half-hour conversation.  Also, probably someone who has seen you wear something you would never, ever wear out in public.

6.  If I could write my own blank it would be: 'Is your life now what you thought it would be five years ago? Three years ago?  One year ago?'

7.  My favorite kind of art is:  oh, I could never pick just one art form... Obviously, fashion is really important to me, but a lot of my inspiration comes from other art forms-- paintings and sculpture and music and photography.  They all seem so intertwined and inseparable.

Psssst.... there's going to be a giveaway here soon.  Just sayin'.


  1. I love this idea for a post. I saw it on one other blog, and it's so fun to read everyone's different random pieces of info!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Lauren, over at, posts new ones every week and I've discovered some of my favorite blogs through the lists of participants.


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