Friday, May 13, 2011

fill in the blank friday

via my so-called denver

1.   If  I had to use 3 words to describe why I am undoubtedly a (my last name here) they would be: slightly neurotic, a perfectionist, and introverted.

2.  Something that happened to me in life that initially seemed bad but turned out to be good was: my fourth semester of school.  It was really difficult, but I'm pretty sure that after that, I can make it through anything.

3.  Something I inherited from my mom is: an intolerance for...nonsense, shall we say.  I like straightforwardness, particularly in situations in which I'm going to be held responsible for the outcome.

4.  Something I inherited from my dad is: a dislike for conflict, my eye color, and a love for being outside and in the forest.

5.  My goal for this summer is: to do some drawing of non-fashion stuff, to design a few collections that I've been thinking about but didn't fit into the criteria for any of my school projects, to spend a lot of time with my family (whom I miss terribly, I can't wait to go home and be with them), and to make a lot of things for my etsy shop.

6.  The best thing about this week is: that it was the last real week of classes for this semester, yay!  I just have final project presentations next week.

7.  Something I couldn't give up if I tried is: my propensity toward floral prints.  I just can't help myself.


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