Tuesday, May 10, 2011

robin's egg

Light blue and brown is one of my very favorite color combinations, as shown in this post from a while ago.  So when I went to Anthropologie on Saturday morning (completely unplanned, but even fashion students deserve to have fun sometimes, right?), I was ecstatic to find two things that, when worn together, make the color combination that I love so much.

The cardigan is the Gingham Genius Cardigan, and the belt is the Rippled Ribbon Belt.  Neither of them are available online anymore, but I found mine in the sale section of my favorite Anthropologie, the one in Chelsea Market.  Yay!!!  I'd never seen the belt before, but I'd been coveting the cardigan for a while but couldn't bring myself to spend $98.00 on it.  So excited that it went on sale!  It's the comfiest thing ever, really soft and with 3/4 sleeves, which is helpful because the sleeves don't get in the way of whatever I'm sewing or drawing at the time.

Speaking of which... Final project tine is in full swing.  I think I'm doing okay time-wise, but it's always a stressful part of the semester.  Thus, I will pretty much look like this for the next two weeks: sleepy, terrible posture, a bit stressed, and a bit frizzy. It's my mad scientist look.

But at least I have a cozy gingham shirt to curl up in as I work!  Yay. :)


  1. AH! So. cut. Love the cardi and the belt, and that is a super cute photo of you!

  2. thank you so much miss Betsey!


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