Thursday, May 19, 2011

run with it

My second activewear project of this semester was to make an outfit for running.  The mysterious forces of my blackberry have decided to let me email myself the pictures, so here they are!

...oh, and here's this, just because I'm in a Springsteen sort of mood and it vaguely ties in with this post.

Okay, so anyway, my running outfit consists of a black and pale blue top with mesh sleeves and a mesh cutout at the upper back, with picot-edge elastic on the neck and sleeves.  The leggings are black with light blue mesh heart cut-outs at the knees and picot elastic on the ankles.

design sketch-- it's hard to see the seaming in the leggings in the photos, but it looks like how it's drawn.

Only one more project to work on, and it's not due until Monday!  Yay, yay, yay.  Incidentally, this will be the first semester ever where I've slept every single night of finals week.  I'll put up some photos of my swimwear design and swimwear construction projects after the presentations tomorrow.


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